Cabinets-a-New is experienced with a wide variety of surfaces and finishes. Rather than rest on past products and techniques we strive to learn and innovate to improve our craft and as a result your finished product. We search out the latest products to customize colors, styles and application techniques to suit your particular needs. Among our services are onsite estimates, color consultations, recommendations from our list of trusted vendors to assist you with other aspects of your project like countertops, flooring, and custom cabinetry.  Why replace all of the cabinets in your home when you have the assistance of professional refinishers and painters?


Our System & Products

Using our signature Perm-A-Koat cabinet refinishing process, we can get rid of dirt by cleaning, sanding, priming and finishing your cabinets. Hardware will be reused or replaced. We created this process so that our customers would receive innovative refinishing techniques not found elsewhere. Ultimately, your cabinets will cost less than new cabinets and will be easier to clean and maintain. Your kitchen and bathroom will have cabinets that match the color and style of your choice, and the scrubbable hard finish will repel stains and last for years to come.

We seek out the latest and greatest products on the market to ensure your satisfaction. Incredible care is taken when choosing reliable paints, primers and stains. In our experience, acrylics outperform oil-based paint by offering a tough finish that resists rust. Trust our products to provide a superior gloss, color retention and durability. Our paints are also low-odor for those that are sensitive to paints. 


Repair water-damaged cabinets


Use a color-matching system

Replace broken hardware


Prep & treat with special primer


Our Quality Guarantee

From start to finish, we give our customers meticulous work to guarantee their satisfaction. We begin by offering free estimates on customized painting and refinishing projects. Once we’re on site, we’ll keep the area clean with drop cloths. During the process, we’ll address broken hardware, dirty surfaces and other common issues with cabinets. 

Style Recommendations

& Color Consultation 

At Cabinets-a-New, we have over 40 years of experience in the industry, so we have extensive knowledge about all kinds of styles. No matter what room your cabinets will be in, we can assist you to complete the project. We focus on two main styles to best suit your needs:



Cabinets in your kitchen can especially benefit from an aesthetic tone. Whether you want an organic feel with clear varnish or a sophisticated feeling with custom colors, we have you covered with a wide range of traditional color options.



Lovers of a simple look might want to try a contemporary, “less is more” look. Minimalism is popular because you can make a unique statement that features your cabinets and hardware. We’re able to achieve a contemporary look with clean lines and bold paints.

A huge selection of paints and color choices can quickly overwhelm, but we can help. As a division of Painters Plus, we offer personalized design services to match you with the best paint. We’re always on the cutting edge of colors, so we can help you select from a full range of custom decorator colors, in gloss, semi-gloss or satin. Our extensive collection of colors features acrylic hard coatings. 

Contact us for an estimate and color consultation, and the first hour of the consultation with the designer is on us! Call us for more information on our cabinet painting services or to schedule your consultation. We serve the Milton, FL; Gulf Breeze, FL and Pensacola, FL area.

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